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PORT3 Layer2 Delegate Election

Contribute to the security of the Port3 Network L2, receive rewards, and have a say in the future development of the chain. The top three nodes will be chosen as the official nodes of L2, taking part in the network launch. Additional rewards will be given to these top three nodes base on each month's rankings

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Why Vote for Port3 Network Layer2?

Security on the Port3 Network Layer2 is maintained by the PoS Delegate, which reduces centralization risks. Staking Delegates participate in voting and decision-making and also receive substantial rewards.

Build a Reliable Layer2

Token holders improve the security and efficiency of PORT3 Layer2.

Vote for Nodes

Any token-holder who stakes PORT3 can vote for one or more Delegates whom they trust to mine blocks.

Earn Rewards

With PORT3, you can earn a staking interest rate of up to 8% APY when voting for a node.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Port3 Network Delegate Election?

The Port3 Network Delegate Election is a pivotal event where PORT3 token holders vote to elect Delegates responsible for maintaining and securing the Layer2 network. Delegates play a crucial role in network governance, decision-making, and the promotion of a secure, efficient blockchain ecosystem.

How can I become a Delegate on the Port3 Network's Layer2?

What are the benefits of being a Delegate?

How are Delegate rewards calculated?

How do voting and staking work for Port3 Network Layer2 Delegates?